Selina Shu
Head of Humanity

Ms. Tree has 14 years of experience in international education and a deep love for the profession. She specializes in developing and designing special programs that incorporate the characteristics of international students.

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Bing Han
Head of Physical Education

Mr. Han Bing is a passionate and dedicated educator with over 16 years of classroom teaching and school leadership experience. He was the Director of Physical Education for an outstanding international school in Macau, China.

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Cathryn Gao
Head of Mathematics

Ms. Gao has more than 10 years of experience in teaching IGCSE and A-level mathematics. She is very experienced and has achieved outstanding results in teaching her A-level graduating class with A or A* grades in mathematics.

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Claire Murray
Head of Science

Specialising in Biology, Claire Murray is a highly experienced educator with strong academic credentials. Graduating as a BSc in Science at Stirling University…

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Stephen Delano
Director of Performing Arts

Stephen Delano has enjoyed long-standing success as an educator, theatrical and musical director, and artistic manager for a host of organisations…

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