Selina Shu
Head of Humanity

Ms. Tree has 14 years of experience in international education and a deep love for the profession. She specializes in developing and designing special programs that incorporate the characteristics of international students.

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Cathryn Gao
Head of Mathematics

Ms. Gao has more than 10 years of experience in teaching IGCSE and A-level mathematics. She is very experienced and has achieved outstanding results in teaching her A-level graduating class with A or A* grades in mathematics.

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Bryce Pearson
Head of Physical Education Department

Graduated from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, majoring in Sports and Business. ▫  Managed high-performance fitness projects at Potter’s Wheel Professional Tennis Academy in Kunming. Started dedicating to physical education 5 years ago, specializing in rugby, weightlifting, swimming, and high-performance fitness. ▫  Possesses extensive knowledge and experience in related fields,

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Clare Huang
Director of Summit Program

Native to Chengdu, Clare Huang has an outstanding academic pedigree that exemplifies the benefits of internationalised education, having been schooled in China and then the United Kingdom. She achieved four A* grades as an A Level pupil before studying at the University of Cambridge and graduating as a BA in

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Argyrios Kampanos
Director of Performing Arts

Mr. Kampanos holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in music. He also possesses a PGCE (QTS) from UCL, which has been ranked as the world’s number one university for education and teacher training for ten consecutive years. Currently, he is completing his Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the

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