Faculty: Dipont KCS Chengdu Management Team Introduction

The Senior Leadership Team of Dipont KCS Chengdu consists of a group of Chinese and expatriate educators with a global perspective in education and extensive experience in teaching and learning. While the current members develop with our school, we are also welcoming like-minded and outstanding leaders to join.

All the team members have been involved in international education for over 10 years, including senior leaders in the Chinese international education industry, academic experts in teaching, research, and development, as well as experts in international education quality management.

In a world of diversity and change, they are committed to the education philosophy and sentiment that puts students at its core, and the concept of continuous professional development of teachers, building a platform where Chinese and Western ideas, cultures and wisdom freely meet and mingle, and a spiritual home where students are encouraged to explore and discover themselves.

The bright future lies ahead! As we enter our third year of founding, the Senior Leadership Team of Dipont KCS Chengdu will work together to lead the school into the future and towards excellence!

Senior Consultant

Wang Mingxian

Principal Wang Mingxian is a nationally renowned principal who has received many provincial and municipal honours for his outstanding contributions to school education.

Principal Wang started his career at Chengdu Shishi High School, a nationally renowned school with a long history of over 2000 years and a reputation for excellence. Because of his outstanding performance and achievements, he was appointed the Deputy Principal of the school in his ninth year of service, in charge of teaching and moral education.

Headmaster Wang Mingxian was posted to Chengdu Shishi Union Middle School as principal in 1997 and was appointed principal of Chengdu Shishi High School three years later. During his long tenure as principal of Chengdu Shishi High School, Principal Wang Mingxian’s teamwork spirit, scientific school management concept and solid professional academic position, and especially his outstanding work achievements, have earned him a reputation among the education community. He has been awarded the titles of Model Worker of Sichuan Province, Super-grade Teacher of Sichuan Province, and Super-grade Principal of Chengdu.

Principal Wang Mingxian is also currently a recipient of a special allowance from the State Council, an educational supervisor of the people’s government at the provincial, municipal and district levels, a vice-president of the Chengdu Education Society and a member of the Expert Advisory Supervisory Committee of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education.

“In terms of the purpose, content and method of education, diversity should always be accepted as a valuable asset. To organically and deeply combine the edges of Chinese and Western education and never stop exploring the effective way of cultivating modern talents that fits the China’s national conditions.”

—Wang Mingxian


Li Huaping

Principal Li Huaping is a professor and doctoral tutor at Sichuan Normal University and is the lead teacher of China’s first “national quality course” in Chinese education. He has taught in kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and senior schools, and has served as a grade leader, middle-level officer, principal and general manager of an education group (chief principal).

Principal Li Huaping is a national training expert for primary and secondary school teachers, an expert in the evaluation of national training programmes, an expert in the evaluation of national training expert candidates, an expert in the evaluation of national teaching achievements, an expert in the evaluation of national teaching teachers, a core member of the Ministry of Education’s Chinese Teacher Training Curriculum Guidance Standards Development Group, the Executive Vice Chairman of the National Committee for Chinese Learning Science, and the Vice Chairman of the Classroom Teaching Branch of the Chinese Language Press Association. He has published 13 books in the People’s Publishing House, Higher Education Publishing House, and other publishers, and eight achievements have won teaching and research awards from the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government.

“Everyone who works in the school community should discover the beauty, insights and talent of our children from an educational perspective and provide them with encouragement and inspiration in every possible way.”

—Li Huaping


Executive Principal and

Head of Senior School

Jason Palmer

Mr. Jason Palmer graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, Canada, obtained a master’s degree in International Education and School Leadership from Charles Sturt University in Australia, and is currently completing a doctorate in education from Athabasca University in Canada. He holds an Ontario Principals’ qualification. He is an excellent teacher and outstanding leader with more than 29 years of teaching experience in the field of education. He has served in many schools in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and China. In China, he has nearly 10 years of school experience and has a particularly in-depth understanding of the educational needs of Chinese families.

Prior to joining Dipont KCS Chengdu, Mr. Jason Palmer was the Deputy Academic Director at Dipont Education Shanghai headquarters and served as principal at Nanjing Jinling High School and Shanghai Soong Ching Ling School. He works effectively with school teams to assess and develop policies and procedures for Chinese students. He is familiar with Dipont and understands the Dipont curriculum design and has a deep understanding of IGCSE, A-Level and other curriculum systems. Earlier in his career, Mr. Jason Palmer also had over a decade of management experience as a principal in the Upper Canada School Board in Canada with abundant management experience.

“I believe that it is essential to have the student as the core of everything we do. Our success as a school is defined by their success. However, this success is not simply measured by academic results. Success is determined by how well-rounded our students become, and what qualities and characteristics they have as young adults that will benefit them in the future. Everyone involved the school has a responsibility to contribute to this success, and only working collaboratively as a staff and closely with parents can we truly help our students reach their potential.”

—Jason Palmer

Co Executive Principal

Vivia Xu

Vivia Xu has a BSc from Shanghai Normal University, a PGCE from the University of Sunderland, UK, and an MPA in Public Administration from East China Normal University. She has been involved in the founding of several prestigious schools, holding teaching and management positions. She is a pioneer of integrated curriculum education.

Over the past ten years, she has persistently studied Chinese and international educational theories and actively practised them on the frontline of education and teaching, developing a unique understanding of the integrated curriculum. Principal Vivia Xu has extensive experience in integrated curriculum development and is familiar with teaching strategies such as bilingualism, co-operative teaching and inquiry-based learning, as well as having extensive experience in teacher training.

“Education shapes futures and changes lives. Education is an immersive and interactive process in which students explore new ideas and ways of thinking, and discover their own unique skills and interests.”

—Vivia Xu


Lily Dai

Principal Lily Dai has a master’s degree in education from the University of Glasgow, UK and has 24 years’ experience in international curriculum development, international school operations and management. She was formerly the Regional Manager of Dipont Education, Deputy Head of Jiaxiang Foreign Languages School Attached Chengdu No.7 Middle School and Chinese Principal of Chengdu Longquanyi Beanstalk School, specialising in A-Level, IB, AP curriculum and K12 international school operations.

She has spent the majority of her career at Dipont Education since 1999 when she joined Dipont for the first time. She has a deep understanding of the top-level design of the school and is able to secure and integrate resources within and outside the group to support and guarantee the rapid and accurate implementation of the school’s blueprint. She has experience in working in cross-cultural teams and is fluent in English, which allows her to work comfortably in a school management team of Chinese and expatriate educators and teachers. While being a decisive leader, she has passion for education and students.

“My idea of a dream school is a home away from home that our teachers and students love, and a paradise that nurtures the life-learners to have fun and develop.”

—Lily Dai

Head of Middle School&

Deputy Head of Senior School

Ryan Li

Principal Ryan Li was formerly the Deputy Head of Secondary School and Head of Middle School at Chengdu Longquanyi Beanstalk School and Head of the International Division of the Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School of Chengdu Virsend Group. He has over 10 years of first-class teaching experience in the international curriculum and is familiar with the IB, AP, and A-Level curriculums. He has strong curriculum development skills and school management experience.

Besides, he always puts the growth of students and teachers as his top priority. He is a personable and appealing person with an open mind and a broad vision, who is able to communicate and cooperate effectively in a cross-cultural environment. He has a philosophy, approach, and effectiveness in systematising the student care system, fostering student autonomy and coordination, promoting teacher development, optimising the assessment system, and improving home-school co-education.

“I wish to create a school with care and support, with students from different cultures and backgrounds can have an all-round development in an international school environment, continue to shine and progress in the areas they excel in, and to try things new into the known!”

—Ryan Li

Head of Primary School

Dr Natalie J. Pitre

Dr Natalie J. Pitre, is an excellent teacher and leader in K-12 education and adult education with more than 20 years of experience and has worked in China for over 9 years. She has also been an educator and leader in Canada, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Papua New Guinea. She has a Doctorate in Educational Leadership K-12 with a focus on international education, a Master’s Degree in Language Education, a K-12 teaching qualification, and holds an Ontario Principals’ qualification. She is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada and has been working there for over 8 years. Dr Natalie Pitre has served as an Academic Quality Manager of IB, AP and A-Level programs and Deputy Director of teacher training and course development in Dipont, Shanghai. Before joining Chengdu Dipont KCS, Ms. Natalie Pitre also served as a leader in Shanghai Soong Ching Ling School and Vanke DTD School and has a passion for cross-cultural learning.

“As an educator and leader, I believe in learning for all and the importance of creating a school environment that is welcoming, safe, inclusive, culturally responsive, and where every person feels a sense of belonging. Building relationships and establishing trust amongst one another is essential to strive towards continuous school improvement. The growth and success of every child and member of our school community matters and it is my role as a leader to ensure conditions are in place to maximize potential in all of us. I am an advocate of developing collective teacher efficacy and the desire to support teachers to learn with and from one another, learn how to use data to inform instructional decision making, and be able to recognize our impact on student progress and growth. It is my role to model the importance of being a learner and lead students and staff to cultivate a love of learning together at school, in the communities where we live, and in the world around us.”

—Dr Natalie J. Pitre

Deputy Head of

Senior School &

Director of College Counsellor

Adam Guo

After graduating from Illinois Wesleyan University, he spent eight years there and then at Susquehanna University as an International Admissions Officer, Head of Admissions for Asia, Associate Director of the Admissions Office, and Head of International Admissions.

As an admissions officer, he visited nearly 100 senior schools in 15-20 countries each year, read over 1500 applications from all over the world, and was familiar with the backgrounds, curriculum challenges, and activities of over 500 international senior schools in the Slate Admissions System used by university admissions offices. Now, from a university admissions officer to a university counselor, his valuable experience will help students in their future university application process.

“The journey of education is a transformative process that empowers students to embrace wild imagination with a practical approach.”

—Adam Guo