Review – KCS Chengdu Chinese New Year Concert was a success!

On the last day of the semester, we welcomed the New Year with new visions and different expectations in the KCS way.On this day, whether it was the Dunhuang Flying Dance, the Chinese Youth Story, the English Drama, the dynamicl ballet dance, the youthful street dance, or the combination of Guzheng and piano, the encountering of tea ceremony and poetry. All of them were excellent performances under the shining light at the KCS grand theatre.
This time, the KCS Parent Performance Club was composed of a group of mothers who love performing, some  are good at dancing, some at singing, some at musical instruments and acting. The children were proudly saying to their classmates, “Look, that’s my mum!”. Not only the children but also the teachers were touched by the mothers’ performance, which makes us look forward to more KCS mothers and fathers joining the club next semester!