KCS Chengdu Founding Year: We have seventy super cool courses!

What is a holistic education? As we have said in the past, a holistic education is not about a pupil who excels in all subjects, academics, sport, arts and so on, our understanding is to cultivate pupils into independent individuals, allow them to be physically and mentally sound, and with a passion for life and learning, and who can not only actualise themselves but also serve their country and society.

We seek both academic excellence and opportunities for pupils beyond the classroom, but this cannot be achieved by limiting children to traditional classroom learning. These programmes offer a range of sports, music, drama and extra-curricular extension activities to provide a highly personalised education for each child.

As an important part of a holistic education, the program is rigorously designed with the same clear goals as the academic curriculum, which complements the academic curriculum.

In the second week of school, we have already started 42 CCAs/ECAs and 28 clubs and societies for pupils to choose from, and we will expand our holistic education program to even more options in the future according to pupils’ interests and abilities.

A school for the future should undoubtedly focus its education on the development of pupils’ competencies rather than simply imparting knowledge. We want to build a world-class learning community that helps pupils to develop holistically and become independent problem-solvers and future-ready individuals, so that each pupil can benefit for life.

An ideal pupil needs to possess these attributes – academic excellence, personal integrity, a strong sense of social responsibility, creativity, critical thinking, a strong passion, the ability to collaborate, humility and a desire to go above and beyond.We are looking for families that support the whole person philosophy and open the door to a future of their own for each of their children. If the educational philosophy of KCS Chengdu matches your expectations for your child, please feel free to inquire.